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Awe and Wonder Farm

Awe & Wonder Farm LLC is a beacon of regenerative agriculture in Texas, passionately dedicated to reviving the land through sustainable farming practices. As custodians of the earth, we embrace methods that enhance soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem resilience, offering you produce that's not only fresh but ethically and sustainably cultivated. Our signature Farm Box subscription is a testament to our commitment, featuring a curated selection of seasonal produce, from lush vegetables to succulent fruits, all harvested at the peak of freshness. By choosing Awe & Wonder, you're not just buying groceries; you're joining a community dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet. Experience the unparalleled taste and nutrition of locally grown food, and take a stand for a sustainable future with every bite. We invite you to be part of our journey towards a more sustainable and healthy world, one meal at a time.

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Awe & Wonder Farm LLC, nestled in the heart of Texas, specializes in regenerative farming to bring you the freshest, most sustainable produce. With our Farm Box subscription, experience a variety of seasonal delights, from fruits to vegetables, all grown with care for the earth and community. We're more than a farm; we're a movement towards healthier living and environmental stewardship. Taste the difference with us and support sustainable agriculture.

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Discover Awe & Wonder Farm LLC, a Texas-based regenerative farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture. Our Farm Box delivers fresh, local produce right to your table. Join us in supporting eco-friendly farming and taste the difference that true quality and care can make in every bite.

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Awe & Wonder Farm: Regenerative Texas farm offering fresh, local produce through sustainable practices. Taste the difference!

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Business Descriptions

Evolving Through Feedback
Your insights are invaluable to us. By listening and adapting based on your feedback, we continually refine our practices, products, and services, ensuring we grow in harmony with the needs of our community and the planet.

Join Us on This Journey
At Awe and Wonder Farm LLC, we're more than a farm – we're a family, a community, and a movement towards a sustainable and thriving planet. Discover the difference that dedication, transparency, and community can make in every bite.


Educating for a Better Tomorrow
We're passionate about sharing the benefits of regenerative agriculture and sustainable living. Through our outreach efforts, we aim to inspire and inform, cultivating a more knowledgeable and conscientious community.


Locally Focused, Globally Conscious
We champion the local food movement, understanding its role in reducing environmental impact, supporting the local economy, and providing you with the freshest produce possible.


Beyond Sustainability: Regeneration
Our vision extends beyond sustainability. Through regenerative practices, we aim to restore and enhance the natural resources we depend on, leaving the earth richer than we found it.


Diverse Crops, Diverse Choices
Diversity is our strength, reflected in the range of crops we cultivate. This diversity ensures a resilient farm ecosystem, meets your culinary curiosity, and safeguards against the unpredictability of nature.


Innovation in Agriculture
We embrace change, continually integrating new, sustainable farming techniques and technologies. This adaptive approach helps us improve efficiency and make a positive impact on the environment.


Engaging With Every Harvest
Community is at the core of Awe and Wonder Farm. Through farm tours, educational programs, and local market participation, we bridge the gap between your food and its source, fostering a deeper connection with the land.


Tailored for Our Community
Our offerings, including our beloved Farm Box subscription, are designed with you in mind. Quality, convenience, and variety are the pillars of our products, ensuring you get the best of what we grow, season after season.


Transparency You Can Trust
We believe in the power of transparency. From seed to table, we provide detailed information about our farming methods and the journey of our produce. Trust and traceability are the roots of our relationship with you.


Sustainability at Our Core
At the heart of Awe and Wonder Farm is a steadfast commitment to sustainability. We're not just growing crops; we're nurturing soil, conserving water, and protecting biodiversity to ensure our farm thrives for generations to come.



Community and Connection
Our farm is more than just a place where food grows; it's where connections are cultivated and community thrives. We're committed to building strong, lasting relationships with our neighbors, customers, and local businesses. Through farm tours, educational workshops, and community events, we open our doors to all who wish to learn more about sustainable agriculture and share in the bounty of the earth. Awe and Wonder Farm LLC isn't just our story – it's a shared narrative of everyone who believes in making a difference, one meal at a time.


Transparency and Integrity
We believe in the power of honesty and the value of trust. From our fields to your table, transparency guides every step we take. We openly share our farming practices, our successes, and our challenges because we believe you deserve to know not only the source of your food but the story behind it. With Awe and Wonder Farm LLC, you can be confident in the integrity of the produce on your plate – grown with care, harvested with respect.


Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship
At Awe and Wonder Farm LLC, our heart beats for the earth. We are deeply committed to cultivating our land with practices that sustain and enrich our environment. Our approach to farming goes beyond mere production; we embrace methods that protect biodiversity, conserve water, and nurture the soil. Join us in a journey where every seed planted and every crop harvested contributes to a healthier planet.



Our vision at Awe and Wonder Farm LLC is to be a beacon of sustainability and regeneration in agriculture, leading by example to inspire a global shift towards environmentally responsible and ethically produced food. We envision a world where communities are closely connected to their food sources, understand the importance of sustainable living, and actively participate in preserving the health of our planet. Through innovation, education, and collaboration, we aim to cultivate a future where regenerative farming practices are not the exception, but the standard, ensuring a thriving, diverse ecosystem for generations to come.


At Awe and Wonder Farm LLC, our mission is to cultivate life-sustaining food and foster a thriving community through the principles of regenerative agriculture. We are dedicated to nurturing the land with respect and integrity, ensuring every practice we adopt enhances biodiversity, supports ecosystem health, and conserves resources for future generations. By embodying transparency and forging strong connections, we aim to educate, inspire, and empower individuals to join us in the journey towards a sustainable future. Together, we strive to not only produce food that nourishes the body but also practices that restore the spirit of our planet.

Mission Statement

"Grow with Us, Thrive with Nature."
"Sowing Seeds of Change, One Crop at a Time."
"Beyond Organic: Where Farming Meets the Future."
"Eat Well, Live Well, Save the Planet."
"From Soil to Soul: Nourishing Life Sustainably."
"Harvesting Hope for a Greener Tomorrow."
"Regenerative Roots, Revolutionary Fruits."
"The Taste of Integrity, Delivered."
"Cultivating Community, Nurturing Nature."
"Where Every Leaf Tells a Story of Care."


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Community-Oriented Shoppers: Those who value the importance of supporting local economies and building community resilience are inclined towards businesses like Awe and Wonder Farm. They prefer buying locally sourced products to support local farmers, reduce transportation emissions, and ensure fresher, more flavorful food.


Environmentally Aware Individuals: People who are concerned about the impact of their choices on the environment form a significant part of the audience. They look for businesses that practice environmental stewardship, promote biodiversity, and use sustainable farming methods to minimize carbon footprints.


Health-Conscious Consumers: Individuals who prioritize their health and wellness are naturally drawn to fresh, organic, and sustainably sourced produce. They seek out food that not only tastes good but also offers nutritional benefits without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.


Audience Types

Eggs (1 Dozen) - $9

Coming Soon:
Beef & Chicken


Cut Flowers (Pre-Picked) - $25
Cut Flowers (Mix Your Own 6-8 Stems) - $40


Farm Box (Farmers Choice) - $30


Products for Sale

Washington County

Entire Service Area

Austin, Texas

City 5

Houston, Texas

City 4

College Station, Texas

City 3

Bryan, Texas

City 2

Brenham, Texas


Service Area for Brenham, Texas


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5100 Cedar Hill Road

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Awe & Wonder Farm LLC

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JD and Angela Slaughter

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Soil Health and Biodiversity


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)


Farm-to-Table Texas


Eco-Friendly Farming


Sustainable Agriculture Practices


Local Farm Produce


Farm Box Subscription


Organic Produce Texas


Sustainable Farming Texas


Regenerative Agriculture


Agriculture Innovation


Local Food Movement


Sustainable Living Texas


Regenerative Farming Education


Educational Farm Tours Texas


Sustainable Food Subscription


Organic Fruits and Vegetables


Farmers Market Texas


Fresh Local Produce


Seasonal Farm Box


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Cultivating the earth, the sustainable way: Our eco-friendly no-till techniques in action near Houston.

Eco-Friendly No-Till Soil Techniques near Houston

Regenerative No-Tilling near Houston

Image # 15

Every great journey starts with a single step: Seedlings ready for planting at Awe and Wonder Farm in Brenham, Texas.

Seedlings Preparing for Planting in Brenham, Texas

The Future of Farming Begins in Brenham, Texas

Image # 14

Rows upon rows of sustainable delight: Our produce fields flourish near Bryan, Texas.

Sustainable Farming Fields near Bryan, Texas

Rows of Produce near Bryan, Texas

Image # 13

Taste the zest of Brenham, Texas: Our peppers are as fresh as they come, grown with care and sustainability in mind.

Locally Grown Peppers in Brenham, Texas

Fresh, Spicy, and Sustainable Peppers in Brenham, Texas

Image # 12

Step into serenity at Awe and Wonder Farm, located just a stone's throw away from College Station.

The Scenic Beauty of Awe and Wonder Farm near College Station

Discover the Serenity near College Station

Image # 11

Embracing the sun: Our outdoor gardening practices at Awe and Wonder Farm in Brenham, Texas, showcase sustainability at its best.

Regenerative Outdoor Gardening Practices in Brenham, Texas

Sustainable Gardening in Brenham, Texas

Image #10

Experiencing the tranquil beauty of nighttime at our farm, nestled near Austin.

Peaceful Nighttime Scenery at Farm near Austin

Starry Nights at Farm near Austin

Image # 9

Where learning meets fun: Kids discovering the joys of farming at Awe and Wonder Farm in Brenham, Texas.

Educational Farm Tours for Kids in Brenham, Texas

Fun and Learning for Kids at Brenham Farm

Image #8

Our indoor gardening initiatives: A testament to eco-friendly farming in Brenham, Texas.

Eco-Friendly Indoor Gardening in Brenham, Texas

Indoor Gardening Solutions in Brenham, Texas

Image #7

Exploring innovative indoor gardening methods at Awe and Wonder Farm, bringing fresh produce closer to Houston.

Innovative Indoor Gardening Techniques near Houston

Sustainable Indoor Gardening near Houston

Image #6

Start your day right with farm-fresh eggs directly from Awe and Wonder Farm in Brenham, Texas.

Fresh Eggs from Free-range Chickens in Brenham, Texas

Farm-fresh Eggs in Brenham, Texas

Image #5

Our free-range chickens enjoying life at our farm near Bryan, Texas, laying the freshest eggs.

Free-range Chickens at Sustainable Farm near Bryan, Texas

Healthy, Happy Chickens near Bryan, Texas

Image #4

A glimpse behind the produce at Awe and Wonder Farm: Where farming meets innovation in Brenham, Texas.

Behind the Scenes of Farming in Brenham, Texas

Explore Farming Techniques in Brenham, Texas

Image #3

Premium grass-fed beef, responsibly raised near College Station, available at Awe and Wonder Farm.

Grass-fed Beef from Sustainable Farm near College Station

Locally Sourced Grass-fed Beef near College Station

Image # 2

Our cows thriving on the sustainable pastures of Awe and Wonder Farm in Brenham, Texas.

Sustainable Livestock Farming in Brenham, Texas

Regenerative Practices with Cows in Brenham, Texas

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