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Hello, I'm Kimberly Freeman—a wife, mom of three, sister, aunt, friend, former Usher, Songwriter, Children's Workshop Coordinator, and Author. I recently retired after 34 years as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, but I occasionally fill in at a local healthcare system to give my fellow therapists a much-needed break.

During my time in healthcare, the Lord allowed me to be part of saving many lives, and I praise His name for it. The Lord is the head of my life, and I am unashamed to share it.

My passion lies in working with children aged three to twelve. I want to introduce them to Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, laying the foundation for a life built on Biblical principles. It's crucial for children to know that God is real and loves us with an everlasting love (John 3:16, 17).

I write Bible plays accompanied by music to provide children with a visual understanding of concepts like faith, healing, power, humility, and salvation. Some of these plays focus on characters like David, Goliath, Joseph, John the Baptist, miracles, and Jesus Himself.

In 2016, I stepped away from ministry to refresh. I was tired, discouraged, and weak. But the Lord renewed my strength through His Word, and now I'm thirsty again and ready to serve Him. I want to leave God's people with the hope that we all have a purpose and that our spiritual gifts align with those of our brothers and sisters for the perfecting of the saints, the work of the ministry, and the edifying of the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12).

My latest book, 'The Lord Offers A Full Drink To Thirsty People: Are You Thirsty?' is a devotional aimed at encouraging everyone to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and inspiring those who once served in ministry to return. I've experienced pain that left me feeling empty, but writing this devotional filled me with a thirst for serving the Lord and His people. Our life experiences are building blocks for the next chapter, and people need to know that Jesus Christ is still the answer. The devotional includes eight sections on Faith, The Trinity, God's Presence, A Touch, Jesus Christ, Anointing, The Promise, and The Way. I also wrote seven songs to accompany the devotionals.

I'm NOT EMPTY, but I AM THIRSTY AGAIN! Are you thirsty again?
Kimberly Freeman, a passionate children's author and songwriter, is the creative force behind a world of faith-filled materials for kids. With over 7 years of experience and a heart dedicated to nurturing young souls, Kimberly has made it her mission to bring the Bible to life in a fun and captivating way.

Our offerings include a range of Bible plays, each infused with custom music and complemented by devotionals. These plays are carefully crafted to engage children aged 3 to 12, making learning about the Bible an exciting adventure.

Kimberly's dedication to her work shines through her ability to create materials under tight deadlines without compromising quality. Recent reviews have praised her work, and our customers love the convenience of instant access to PDF and audio files when they purchase from our website.

Our target audience includes children's ministry leaders, educators, and parents seeking faith-based resources for their children. We also aim to support those returning to children's ministry after stepping away for various reasons, offering words of encouragement and inspiration.

But our mission goes beyond just teaching about faith. We aim to deliver a message of hope to those who may be feeling lost. We want everyone to know that Jesus Christ offers hope, and through our materials, we hope to inspire that faith.

1,000  Word

Kimberly Freeman is not just an author and songwriter but a wife, mom, and former healthcare hero. Her journey from saving lives to saving souls is a testament to her faith. She crafts engaging Bible plays with music, inspiring devotionals, and songs for kids aged 3 to 12. Her latest book, 'The Lord Offers A Full Drink To Thirsty People,' encourages everyone to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and return to ministry. Kimberly believes in aligning spiritual gifts for the betterment of God's kingdom. She's here to share the hope of Jesus Christ and quench spiritual thirst with the Living Water.
Welcome to Kimberly Freeman's world! We're dedicated to creating engaging Bible plays enriched with music and devotionals for children. Our mission is to make learning about faith fun and memorable. Explore our materials and ignite young hearts with faith!

500 Characters

Meet Kimberly Freeman—a devoted mom, retired Respiratory Therapist, and passionate author/songwriter. Her mission is to bring faith to life for kids through Bible plays, music, and devotionals.
Discover Kimberly Freeman: We specialize in crafting Bible plays with music and devotionals, providing fun and faith-filled resources for kids. Join us on a faith journey!

300 Characters

Kimberly Freeman: Author, Songwriter, Usher, and Children's Ministry Coordinator. Creating faith-filled plays, music, and devotionals for kids.
Kimberly Freeman: We create engaging Bible plays, music, and devotionals for kids. Fun and faith go hand in hand!

150 Characters

Business Descriptions for Freeman Productions

10. Educational Content:

Create informative resources that directly relate to the interests and questions of your customers. Share how-to guides, success stories, and educational materials that empower them to make well-informed decisions about your products.


9. Targeted Marketing:

Craft marketing messages and campaigns that directly address the unique needs and aspirations of churches, kids, and parents. Tailor your content and promotions to speak to each segment individually.


8. Mobile Optimization:

Ensure that your website is responsive on mobile devices, allowing customers to browse, learn, and shop seamlessly on smartphones and tablets.


7. Pricing Transparency:

Offer transparent pricing that clearly explains the value of your products, any bundled offerings, and potential savings. Avoid hidden fees to maintain trust.


6. Customer Reviews:

Encourage satisfied customers from churches, parents, and children to share their experiences and testimonials. Make these readily accessible to build trust and credibility.


5. Compelling Descriptions:

Craft product descriptions that address specific pain points or desires of your audience. Use relatable language and storytelling to help customers envision how your products fit into their lives.


4. User-Friendly Website:

Prioritize user experience by organizing your website intuitively, enabling easy product discovery, and providing clear, step-by-step purchase instructions.


3. Visual Appeal:

Use images and visuals that resonate with your target customers. Show children enjoying your products, parents benefiting from them, and churches engaging with your materials to create a personal connection.


2. Emphasize Benefits:

Clearly outline how each product directly improves the faith journey, educational experience, or family life of your customers. Highlight the real-world advantages they can expect.


1. Understand Your Audience:

Conduct surveys, interviews, or engage in discussions with churches, kids, and parents to uncover their precise needs, challenges, and preferences. Use this insight to tailor your products accordingly.


Heuristics for Freeman Productions

Community Impact: Freeman Productions stands out for its focus on community impact. By fostering a sense of togetherness, faith exploration, and family bonding through its materials, it plays a vital role in strengthening the communities it serves. This commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of children, parents, and churches sets Freeman Productions apart as a values-driven organization with a broader mission beyond profit.


Educational Empowerment: The company's dedication to educational empowerment distinguishes it. Freeman Productions goes beyond entertainment by providing educational resources that equip parents, educators, and churches to nurture the faith and character development of young minds. This value-driven approach adds a layer of educational depth and significance to its products.


Faith-Centered Creativity: Freeman Productions places faith at the heart of its creative endeavors. It uniquely combines creativity, artistry, and storytelling to convey biblical messages to children, churches, and families. This commitment to faith-centered creativity results in engaging and memorable materials that inspire a deeper connection to spirituality, setting Freeman Productions apart in the industry.


Values for Freeman Productions

3. Our vision at Freeman Productions is to be a beacon of light, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through captivating visual and musical performances tailored for children aged three to twelve. We aspire to lead young souls to salvation and nurture a generation rooted in faith and love.
2. The vision of Freeman Productions is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through visual and musical performances for children aged three to twelve, leading to the salvation of souls.
1. The vision of Freeman Productions is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through visual and musical performances for children ages three to twelve, leading to the salvation of souls.


3. At Freeman Productions, our mission is to ignite young hearts with faith and transform lives through the power of God's Word. We create engaging visual and musical experiences that inspire children to reflect the love of Jesus daily.
2. The mission of Freeman Productions is to let children see how the power of God's Word transforms young lives to reflect Jesus Christ daily.
1. The mission statement of Freeman Productions is to allow children to see how the power of the anointing of the word of God transforms young lives to reflect Jesus Christ daily.

Mission Statement

The teaching of the wise is a fountain of Life - Proverbs 13:14
"Elevating Faith, Enriching Lives"
"Where Faith and Fun Take Center Stage"
"Inspiring Young Hearts through Faith and Music"
"Guiding Children to Jesus through Artistry"
"Creating Faith-Filled Memories for Kids"
"Faith Unleashed, Joy Unveiled"
"Nurturing Faith, One Performance at a Time"
"Empowering Young Souls with God's Word"
"Where Faith and Creativity Meet"
"Bridging Faith and Imagination for Children"
Where Faith Takes Center Stage, and Imagination Knows No Bounds."
"Unveiling Faith's Beauty Through the Magic of Music and Theater."
"Elevate Your Child's Faith Journey with Captivating Performances."
"Transforming Little Hearts into Faith-Fueled Stars."
"Bringing the Bible to Life, One Play at a Time."
"Faith-Filled Fun for Kids, Where Every Show is a Blessing."
"Experience Faith Like Never Before, Through Enchanting Performances."
"Where Children's Ministry Meets Creative Inspiration."
"Inspiring Faith, One Act at a Time."


Tagline, Mission Statement, Vision

3. Parents:

Role: Parents play a pivotal role in nurturing their children's faith and values. They are the decision-makers when it comes to choosing educational and faith-related resources.
Needs: Parents seek materials that align with their faith values and help them guide their children's spiritual growth. They look for convenient and effective ways to instill faith in their family life.
Value from Freeman Productions: Freeman Productions provides parents with accessible, educational resources that empower them to incorporate faith into their family routines. Whether through books, plays, or devotionals, parents find materials that align with their beliefs and make faith a meaningful part of their family's journey.


2. Kids:

Role: Kids are the ultimate beneficiaries of Freeman Productions' products. They are the young hearts and minds that the company aims to inspire and educate.
Needs: Children need age-appropriate, enjoyable, and relatable materials to learn about faith and biblical stories. They thrive on creativity, interactivity, and captivating storytelling.
Value from Freeman Productions: Freeman Productions uniquely caters to kids by providing visually appealing plays, music, and devotionals that make the Bible come alive. These materials offer an engaging and fun way for children to connect with their faith, fostering a lasting spiritual foundation.


1. Churches:

Role: Churches are a primary audience for Freeman Productions. They represent the spiritual community where faith is nurtured and shared.
Needs: Churches require engaging and educational resources for their children's ministries and youth programs. They seek materials that effectively teach biblical lessons, capture children's attention, and make faith exciting.
Value from Freeman Productions: Freeman Productions offers plays, music, and devotionals that align with the teaching goals of churches. These materials provide churches with effective tools to enhance their children's ministry, engage young hearts, and make learning about faith more enjoyable.


Audience Types for Freeman Productions

1. Product: Audio Book Flash Drive with Music and Softcover Book

Title: "The Lord Offers a Full Drink: Audio Book & Softcover"
Tagline: "Quench Your Thirst for Faith with Words and Music"
Description: Immerse yourself in the captivating words of "The Lord Offers a Full Drink to Thirsty People" with our Audio Book Flash Drive. Let the harmonious music guide you through this faith-filled journey. Includes a Softcover Book for a complete experience. Price: $20.00
2. Product: PDF Download - Bible Plays for Kids - Revised Edition

Title: "Bible Plays for Kids: Revised Edition - PDF Download"
Tagline: "Enrich Children's Faith through Visual Stories"
Description: Explore the Revised Edition of "Bible Plays for Kids" with vibrant illustrations and engaging stories. This PDF download is a valuable resource for churches and educators to teach biblical lessons creatively. Price: $20.00
3. Product: PDF Download - Bible Plays for Kids 2 - Revised Edition

Title: "Bible Plays for Kids 2: Revised Edition - PDF Download"
Tagline: "Continuing the Adventure of Faith and Imagination"
Description: Dive into the Revised Edition of "Bible Plays for Kids 2" with more captivating stories and visuals. This PDF download is a fantastic tool for instilling faith in children through creative storytelling. Price: $20.00
4. Product: PDF Download - Open Our Open Eyes

Title: "Open Our Open Eyes - PDF Download"
Tagline: "A Devotional Journey to Spiritual Awakening"
Description: Embark on a devotional journey with "Open Our Open Eyes." This PDF download is filled with insightful devotionals and uplifting music to open your heart and deepen your faith. Price: $20.00
5. Product: Softcover Book - The Lord Offers a Full Drink to Thirsty People

Title: "The Lord Offers a Full Drink: Softcover Book"
Tagline: "A Pocket-Sized Oasis of Faith and Hope"
Description: Carry the message of faith with you in this convenient Softcover Book edition of "The Lord Offers a Full Drink to Thirsty People." Perfect for on-the-go inspiration. Price: $10.00


Benefits for Churches:

Engaging Ministry Resources: Freeman Productions provides churches with engaging and faith-based resources to enhance their children's ministries, making learning about the Bible more exciting for kids.

Creative Teaching Tools: The plays, music, and devotionals offered by Freeman Productions serve as creative teaching tools that help churches effectively convey biblical messages to young audiences.

Strengthening Faith: These materials aid in strengthening the faith of children attending church services and Sunday school, fostering a deeper connection with their spiritual journey.

Increased Attendance: Engaging and fun materials can attract more children to church programs, boosting attendance and participation in children's ministry.

Interactive Learning: Freeman Productions' materials encourage interactive learning, allowing children to actively participate in narrating, acting, singing, and setting up scenery, making church activities more enjoyable.

Benefits for Kids:

Fun Learning Experience: Kids benefit from a fun and memorable learning experience that brings the Bible to life through plays, music, and devotionals, making faith enjoyable and relatable.

Inspiration and Creativity: Engaging with these materials sparks inspiration and creativity in children, helping them express themselves and grow in their understanding of faith.

Personal Connection to Faith: Freeman Productions fosters a personal connection to faith in children, introducing them to Jesus Christ and foundational biblical principles in an accessible way.

Benefits for Parents:

Educational Resources: Parents gain access to educational resources that make teaching their children about faith more accessible and enjoyable.

Quality Family Time: Using Freeman Productions' materials allows parents to spend quality family time together, bonding over faith-based stories, music, and activities that reinforce values and beliefs.

The parents need to know that there is an option for their children at church.

The children are at all these practices for sports but when the leadership roles to lead a psalm the children are not available. We want the kids to get excited and be at choir practice.

The leadership roles carry all the way through to an adult and need to learn how to manage it at a micro amnner at first so when they are older they are better prepared.


1. Header: "Ignite Faith in Kids"
Subheader: "Through Engaging Bible Plays and Uplifting Music"
Two-Sentence Combo: "Welcome to Freeman Productions, where we light up young hearts with the power of faith. Explore our captivating Bible plays and inspiring music to create memorable, faith-filled experiences for your children."

2. Header: "Faith Comes to Life"
Subheader: "In Our Vibrant Performances"
Two-Sentence Combo: "Discover a world of faith and creativity at Freeman Productions. Our vibrant performances breathe life into the Bible, leaving a lasting impact on children."

3. Header: "Nurturing Faith in Children"
Subheader: "Through Plays, Music, and Devotionals"
Two-Sentence Combo: "At Freeman Productions, we're dedicated to nurturing young souls. Explore our plays, music, and devotionals to introduce children to the beauty of faith."

4. Header: "Where Faith Meets Imagination"
Subheader: "In Every Performance"
Two-Sentence Combo: "Join us on a journey where faith and imagination blend seamlessly. Our performances inspire and captivate, making faith a thrilling adventure for children."

5. Header: "Empowering Young Hearts"
Subheader: "With the Message of Jesus"
Two-Sentence Combo: "Freeman Productions empowers young hearts with the love of Jesus. Explore our materials to see how we're making faith accessible and engaging for kids."

6. Header: "Captivating Bible Plays"
Subheader: "For Faith-Filled Kids"
Two-Sentence Combo: "Explore our collection of captivating Bible plays designed for faith-filled kids. Each performance is a window into the world of faith and wonder."

7. Header: "Faith-Fueled Creativity"
Subheader: "Through Music and Theater"
Two-Sentence Combo: "Freeman Productions infuses faith into creativity through music and theater. Join us in sparking your child's imagination while nurturing their faith."

8. Header: "Experience Faith Like Never Before"
Subheader: "Through Our Performances"
Two-Sentence Combo: "Prepare to experience faith in a whole new light with our enchanting performances. Freeman Productions is your gateway to a world of faith and joy."

9. Header: "Bringing the Bible to Life"
Subheader: "In Every Show"
Two-Sentence Combo: "Join us in bringing the Bible to life through every captivating show. Freeman Productions is where faith meets entertainment in an unforgettable way."

10. Header: "Transforming Little Hearts"
Subheader: "Through the Power of Faith"
Two-Sentence Combo: "Witness the transformation of little hearts through the incredible power of faith. Freeman Productions is dedicated to making faith a vibrant part of your child's life."


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United States

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Atlanta, Georgia: Located in the Southeast, Atlanta serves as a gateway to reaching churches and communities in the southern states. It's also home to many churches and educational organizations.

City 5

Los Angeles, California: The West Coast is an important region to target. Los Angeles is a major city with a thriving entertainment industry, making it ideal for reaching a creative and diverse audience.

City 4

Chicago, Illinois: Chicago's central location and diverse population make it a strategic choice. It represents the Midwest and offers a significant number of churches, educational institutions, and families.

City 3

New York City, New York: As the most populous city in the U.S. and a cultural hub, New York City provides access to a diverse audience, including a wide range of churches, parents, and children's ministries.

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